API-driven integration and DevOps

Meet requirements with confidence

Flexibility and ease of integration is a key advantage of having a Connect2id server take care of your identity needs:

  • Comprehensive web-based integration empowers you to meet every potential business and identity requirement with confidence.

  • The availability of web-based integration also allows you to leverage your existing IT skills and resources, and thus reduce your time to market and costs along the way.

  • Countless aspects of the Connect2id server can be customised without having to touch any of the underlying server code.

Integration endpoints

The Connect2id provides developer-friendly integration interfaces for every possible aspect of identity management, with many of them being web-based (JSON + REST).


Attach your branded front-end to the Connect2id server

Auth factors

Plug in any type and mix of authentication factors

Authz policy

Define your own security rules for the issued tokens


Integrate 3rd party identity providers (social, partners)

User sessions

Manage and track active user sessions with the IdP

OAuth 2.0 grant handlers

Implement custom logic for processing OAuth grants

AuthZ lifecycle

Control the complete lifecycle of authorisations


Connect your own sources of user attributes


Access 100+ live metrics via REST, JMX or Graphite

Zero downtime for key integration jobs

After the Connect2id server is brought up and running you may sooner or later need to change or upgrade some of the integrations. For instance, you may want to introduce OTP devices to strengthen security, or redesign the login pages and UIs. Those and many other things are integrated via a Connect2id web API, and can be updated with zero downtime to the service (i.e. a server restart is not required).

Upgrades to the Connect2id server software itself can also be managed with zero service downtime.